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Do you get some kind of an error message? Are you using the applet or JavaScript (html 5) version?
Well, the 'CAN YOU SEE ME?" is visible when downloading and opening in Greenfoot. Also pressing space has an effect there. Here on the website, for me the text is "ZRCWBVKG" for no apparent reason and pressing space doesn't do anything. Furthermore, when trying to open it without being logged in, I get a UserDeclinedException. When I try to run the downloaded version "offline" (= no user name), it gives a Nullpointer Exception. It is also pretty unusual that there are two classes which only have a CLASS file and no CTXT and JAVA files, so you can't see their code. There is this code in the Screen class: ---------- if (CodeGenerator.haveUser()) text = CodeGenerator.getCode(CODE_ID); else text = "CAN YOU SEE ME?"; ---------- CODE_ID is a 58 (final int), this 'haveUser' method seems to return false in the downloaded version, so the text is set to "CAN YOU SEE ME?". However, executing this getCode method and passing 58 returns "UGVWRLYV" which is still different to what I see here on the website where haveUser is apparently true whatever that means... @Venbha: It's a wolf and not a fox ;)