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Greenfoot back

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Busch2207 presents ...



move: left & right arrow keys
stop: down
sprint: shift
jump: strg/ctrl
fight: space
interacting: space
throwing: space

Scrolling: arrow keys or mousewheel
Activating: enter or Button
Closing: escape or Button

two-List Inventories:
Scrolling: arrow keys or mousewheel
transfer: arrow keys or arrow buttons

Scenarios I used in this game:

Maybe the english tranlation isn't very good... I always just tested it in German, so please tell me, if there are some mistakes in the english language.
Good luck and have fun!

Please give feedback!

It is only about the first third of the story done... (You get 7 times in the village, till there's no continue...)

To see the 'let's play' of this game from SPower, just take a look at his greenfoot-channel on youtube:

This is the first part:

48459 views / 3195 in the last 7 days

125 votes | 1 in the last 7 days

Tags: game physics adventure rpg storyline detailed

This scenario is a member of: Fun Games Collection, Busch2207's games

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Could you add a bar to show your jump power?


Thanks so much for linking to that discussion, it was very helpful.


The light level seems to go kind of crazy, could you try to fix that? Or is there a method to the madness?


What does "Lights in exchange" mean? I lit all the torches nearby if that is what it wanted.


Awesome game will you continue it


I would like to continue working on it, because I like this game and I'm very proud of it. I even got the biggest part of the next mission ready. The main problem is, that I don't have so much time any more and my programming style changed extremly and became much more proffessional. So it's a very big mess to get in the code again. Another big problem is, that Greenfootgallery only allows 20mb-games. (Please correct me, if this changed), so each map is expensive... And I also dont have much more room to save some bits...


Whatever you say.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2017-12-06 13:16:15 UTC Maybe game is now working.


I didn't know it wasn't working before, but now I see that your image is "Not Found" and by me it says "Not Logged In" even though I am.


Best game ever seen

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