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Reusable means that you have some classes, in this case widgets which make up the ui, and you can rearrange them however you want. The login menu is really more a demo of what can be done with it. Another example would be the raycasting scenario, where you can see visually how the ray casting works, but you can use the underlying ray cast system in any scenario. What you may find is that these classes are not visible if you open the scenario in Greenfoot. Just like you need to import the Greenfoot stuff with „import greenfoot.*;“ you need to import my stuff, for example „import*;“. This is certainly a bit longer but normal for java. A package basically describes the folder in which the file is located. That is why you will find exactly that folder structure in my scenarios. Concerning „MyWorld“, that’s because of two things: 1. You don’t have to name your world „MyWorld“, and I never do 2. I am not actually extending World directly, which is why you ain’t see my world class under World. What I actually do is extend a class that is also part of my library which that is extending the World class.


Yeah, I’m not saying it’s „unfair“ but ist simply doesn’t look so good