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Well, despite the fact that the game doesn't know what to do when you actually solve all numbers. Mainly because I don't know how I should handle that in the score system.
So far your score is lost if you don't have a connection to the GF server at the time the game ends. Maybe I will make it possible to keep the score to try submitting it later. Other than this, everything should work now. (I hope.)
Oh and the width of the world is too small. The numbers on the right side are cut off a bit.
You are welcome :) To fix the gray rectangles of the numbers, you can change line 32 in the Number class to: tile.drawRect(1,1,42,42); With (0,0,45,45), the bottom and right edge is outside the image = not visible. In theory, the same applies to line 40. In practice, drawing something in gray on an image which was filled in gray right before, doesn't have a big impact anyway though. The alternative is to draw those rectangles on the background of the world.
The other (not so complex one) is also online again: 13445
Actually I remember that the second one will never work online for some unknown reason. But you can download it. (Scenario number 19646)
Nope, seems to be as laggy as before.... @MajorCL: Thank you for the suggestion. The sharks are only moving randomly without any purpose to eat something. If I wanted to make that, I would probably adjust the Fish's movement, so they don't avoid the Sharks perfectly. (Technically, the Sharks are able to "catch" Fish when they would team up, but they usually don't.) But this was never really meant to be something complex to be honest. If you want to see some population simulation, you can try out my two ecosystem scenarios. Well, I have to update them first, though. They are currently not working...
I didn't really do anything with default java yet, so I guess everything would be a nightmare for me ^^
Greenfoot 3.6, Java 11. The future is coming