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Just accidently clicked the “Abort Game” button... could there be a warning? Maybe move the “Go” button where the “Abort Game” button currently is? Feels more natural
Why am I banned? ._.
No expert with this, but I doubt that you can import like that. When I open your project, it is full of errors saying that these packages don’t exist.
@Private12345: That’s just the opinion of someone on the internet. Not >the< definition of the term. Anyway, a quote from the same website: ( “Artificial intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer science and technology that studies the development of machines able to simulate aspects of human intelligence. This tag may also refer to the part of a computer game application that controls the behavior of the virtual characters with which the player may interact during the game.” Note the second sentence.
So you would say that basically no computer game has AI players to compete against? AI doesn’t have to mean that it is something like AlphaZero. I didn’t look at the code but having if-else-statements isn’t disqualifiying anything from being an AI.
You could add a button to add animals. Or let the world spawn a random number at the beginning.
“LETS SEE THAT HOW MANY WORDS CAN YOU TYPE IN 30 sec.” Well, I didn’t feel like typing many words. ;) What to do when there are no more letters showing up?
It bothers me a little bit that when moving backwards, the turning isn’t reversed (but certainly doesn’t bother me that you can’t spin the car without moving). And that the condition if it is correctly parked or not is pretty ridiculous sometimes. But I always like games with high scores :)
What doesn’t work? Starting the game at all or some part of the game? I currently can’t see an obvious problem.