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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Need help, whenever frog eats fly, score goes up 1

By Proprogrammer04 - about 2 hours ago
You could implement this:<Code Omitted>my fly class is called Fly and the frog class Frog the variable where the Points are saved is called score Hope it helps

reply to why does this not work

By Proprogrammer04 - about 2 hours ago
It would make things easier if you also use english words for your variables instead of german words

reply to how to make a game end when an actor touches a color

By Proprogrammer04 - about 2 hours ago
Nico_ti wrote...
I'm making a lightcycles game and i dont know how to make the game end if one of the Lightcycles touches the other ones' trail. Any ideas?
These aren‘t the best solutions, but I can‘t think of any other ideas… 1st You change the Lightcycles into an Object which changes his sizes or 2nd You create lists with the coordinates of the colored places and check if your objects is in range of these objects

reply to Making a win or lose state.

By danpost - about 12 hours ago
Notted wrote...
The game still does not end (lose in this case) when the player dies. What is required is something to hold a ref to the player in the world. << Code Omitted >>
Again, player will not be null. The check you want to perform on line 8 is: <Code Omitted>

reply to pls help with error.

By Super_Hippo - about 16 hours ago
Don't use methods which require the actor to be in the world after it has been removed. So move the removing of the object to the end of the act method or leave the act method if the actor isn't in a world anymore.


By Nosson1459 - about 17 hours ago
also you reference other world classes and other things here please post all the classes and the entirety of them. I did my best based on the info you gave but the code I gave you very likely wont work because there are parts of your code that I cant see