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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Atari Centipede Laser

By CrossX105 - 1 minute ago
So this way, I dont have to track the tux or find its location? It does it automatically. Ohhh...

reply to Transparency & Collisions

By Yehuda - 3 minutes ago
See Pixel-perfect collision detection. When I went to the scenario to get the URL for the link I noticed that it does seem slow. Maybe in HTML5 it's slower than regular.

reply to Level Select

By Yehuda - 9 minutes ago
"coinNum + 1" is not storing any value in a variable. If you want to add 1 to an int variable you should do: <Code Omitted>danpost's "no" is meant to be going on the first part of your last post not the second part. Also, to change to a new world you should do "Greenfoot.setWorld" not "getWorld" (like you were wrongly told).

reply to having a bit of trouble with setvolume

By danpost - about 5 hours ago
You still have issues (1) and (2). You only fixed (3).

reply to Turn left, Move, Turn right - In a sequence

By danpost - about 5 hours ago
Applez wrote...
please tell me the code to make the actor move upwards.
<Code Omitted>will move the actor upward by one pixel. You could also do something like this: <Code Omitted>

reply to Removing an object when a value is met

By danpost - about 5 hours ago
Yomi wrote...
I think that 235 is getting the value of totalCount from the hp class and bringing it from the hp class into the Player_1_1 class and 236 is telling Player_1_1 if the totalCount is -1, that it should remove Player_1_1 from the world.
Actually, you should get a method not found error on line 235 as you are executing the method on "this" (a Player_1_1 object) by default, and there is no method called getCount in the Player_1_1 class. Next, all line 26 is doing is declaring a new Object reference of type Actor called Player (it creates a new variable called Player that is declared to hold an Actor type object). It is not assigned any object to hold (its value is "null") and it is not used later in your code (useless). Finally, line 237 should fail also with a variable not found error as totalCount is never declared locally inside the method (or as a field in the class). If you had tried it, you would have known about the two "not found" errors, and, in turn, known that there was a problem there. You should have pointed those lines out and not just say
The code related to my issue is here
and give the entire class without pinpointing where the issue was.

reply to Clicking on an actor from another actor

By FarEalm - about 7 hours ago
Thank you very much my code works as intended now. Thank you or all of the help.