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What is happening right now?


reply to Assigning a Value and Returning it

By rockon411 - 36 minutes ago
Ok, so how do I designate the value of each subclass since they are all different?

reply to Green foot ping pong game.

By Super_Hippo - about 1 hour ago
You really shouldn't start with the scoreboards if you don't have anything else done (or do you have?).

reply to count a timer while an special actor is in the game

By danpost - about 2 hours ago
Fifilein wrote...
when the Grapeclass is empty I want to apear a screen which tell you how many grapes in how many seconds you collected. Can you give me an idea how to do this? Thx
Create an actor to display the info and add it into the world (as long as one is not already in the world).

reply to Needs help with making a bullet spawn and move...

By danpost - about 3 hours ago
Ignoring the trigger (whatever you will use to control when the koopa throws down the spikey turtle shells) that will call the method to spawn them, the method would simply be something like the following (which would be in the class of the koopa): <Code Omitted>

reply to Wall Collision

By danpost - about 3 hours ago
It is no wonder that it does not compile. 'Wall.class == null' (regardless of the fact, that it will always be 'false') returns a boolean value. However, the 'canSee' method requires a Class object for its parameter. For example: <Code Omitted>would compile and will execute its block of code if a Wall object intersects the actor. If the actor is to remain off of any Wall objects, then you will have to move before checking the state again (move, check and, if on a wall, move back).

reply to Problem with slide

By danpost - about 4 hours ago
Basically, what you are asking for is that the keys act as accelerators in opposite vertical directions and there is a drag factor applied to the object. Without a SmoothMover class, you can simply do something like this: <Code Omitted>