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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Accessing Actor Method from World

By danpost - 13 minutes ago
Use the name of the parent actor class (where the 'getCost' method is located). For example, if the name of the class was Thing, then use: <Code Omitted>

reply to Write Multiple Things To A File

By danpost - 25 minutes ago
mitrolex wrote...
That's what im looking for all this time.
You first need a way to sort the data and create the output string: <Code Omitted>Now, you can write 'getOutputString(data)' to the file and it will be a highest to lowest sorted string of player names paired with their scores. When read in and parsed, the overall high score will be: <Code Omitted>and the player that made it is: <Code Omitted>Unless, of course, the end game score of the current player broke that high score.

reply to count a timer while an special actor is in the game

By Super_Hippo - about 1 hour ago
Move lines 30 and 32 to both 66 and 70. Is it wanted that you only call these update methods when winning and not when losing? (I am not sure why you have two SimpleActor classes.)

reply to Don`t use the Middlepoint of the Player while hitting the wall

By Malmi - about 1 hour ago
I got it now thx

reply to Access Methods from World

By rockon411 - about 2 hours ago
Thank you!