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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Help with Jumping in my game

By danpost - about 17 hours ago
For those interested, the summarized jumping tutorial is located here.

reply to So I am trying to make it so when the fireball class intersects with the spider class once, the spider class dies

By Yehuda - about 17 hours ago
In class Main you can put the following in the act method. <Code Omitted>

reply to Logical Error Problem

By Yehuda - about 17 hours ago
A solution was already given to this problem. The instance on line 43 of the MyWorld class called 'otherNaruto' was never initialized, the one added to the world is a different one. You have to use the same instance in the whole class. That's what valdes and I said already.

reply to Need help creating menu

By danpost - about 18 hours ago
Kevroa wrote...
if you could tell me how to move the selector to a different location that would be great.
Do you want the selector at a different location initially or do you want to be able to drag it with the mouse while the program is running? If you could explain why you would want to do this, it would help.

reply to Question about the crab

By Super_Hippo - about 19 hours ago
Click on Edit → Import and choose the Animal class.