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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Need help with timer

By danpost - 6 minutes ago
Yehuda wrote...
You would also need to call the 'timer' method from inside an act method for it to be executed.

reply to Spawning Cars

By danpost - 11 minutes ago
You are not resetting the slowcarTimer field like you are the fastcarTimer field.

reply to Help?

By danpost - 21 minutes ago
This tells you exactly what you need to do (and is probably the simplest).

reply to Help Me!!!!

By danpost - 22 minutes ago
Yehuda wrote...
Reread danpost's last post which tells to check the numbers of the lines you have changed. Do they match what you were told to do?
I completely overlooked that which was missing (not hard to do, though).

reply to Slower image switches

By danpost - 23 minutes ago
OfficerRiot wrote...
Is it possible to just slow down how fast it switches like when you slow down the whole scenario?
Yes. That is suggested by this:
danpost wrote...
Use an int field as a timer to regulate the image changes.
Which tells you how to start.

reply to Losing a life once on actor is touching another

By danpost - 25 minutes ago
And what, now, is the code for a car?