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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Adding and removing object with the same button.

By Recorsi - about 7 hours ago
That is the problem i had. Thank you :)

reply to null pointer exception

By LobsterL - about 22 hours ago
Thanks you

reply to Calling World public method with actor as a parameter

By danpost - about 23 hours ago
FabioPacheco wrote...
But I still have the problem with: <Code Omitted>The "new ActorIcon" doesn't accept the variable violin It says that "cannot find symbol- variable violin"
Where did you try to use this line of code? You will need to remove at minimum in your MyWorld class lines 6, line 51, lines 132 through 152 and lines 170 through 190. Then line 89 will need to use my example code for adding the Viiolin object. The other objects (Tambourine, Mandolin, Congal and Saxophone) should be added (at lines 77, 81, 85 and 93) similar to that of the Violin object.