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What is happening right now?


reply to HTML 5 scenarios are here!

By davmac - about 20 hours ago
Ok, I'll look into it. For the text images it might just be that the default font choice on the browser is different to that in Java and the metrics are sufficiently different that the text appears a different size; I know that even with the Java applets fonts across different operating systems were quite different. The text height however should be roughly the same in all cases.

reply to My Aliens wont move at all (space invaders)

By danpost - 1 day ago
Just because you have a 'move' method does not mean your actor will move. The method must be called from somewhere to be executed.

reply to class or method

By danpost - 1 day ago
Follow what you are doing with the results of your calculations -- especially with regard to having them displayed.

reply to getting the music thats playing

By danpost - 2 days ago
wolfyze wrote...
any method for that? Like, if I have a loop and leave the world it was in, how do i access it? is there something like getSound()?
No method for that. You would need a reference to the object that retains the reference to the sound. Show class code where you create and start the loop (to start with).