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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Catching Game. Needs minor adjustments

By MOChibi - 15 minutes ago
But how will I change the location of the basket since it is always offscreen when I reset it?

reply to Javascript (HTML 5) conversion of scenarios

By davmac - about 14 hours ago
Super_Hippo wrote...
Another issue is that one can manually change the speed of the scenario even if it was not allowed when exporting
dnishchhal wrote... Here is the Link
Also fixed.

reply to Toggle

By Venbha - about 15 hours ago
I will try it in my project thank you(even if it doesn't)

reply to help with score

By Super_Hippo - about 18 hours ago
<Code Omitted>

reply to Freezing Opponents

By SwarmDark - 1 day ago
Ohh-ok thanks for the help. I think when I looked through other peoples code I got confused by how invoking methods and constructors from different actors worked. I should have also probably coded this for the overarching enemy class, seeing as all the actors have the exact same traits. Thanks alot for your help though, I really appreciate it.