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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to How can I add my High-scores to my Mysql database?

By Game/maniac - about 2 hours ago
You'll need to provide more information. Do you have a Mysql database that you are trying to store the high scores or are you just trying to record high scores for your scenario (Which could be done with greenfoots UserInfo database)

reply to Problem with ball moving

By R0mane - about 2 hours ago
Thank you danpost for the help. But now the problem is that the balls are moving vertically when the ground is not moving but they should be moving diagonally (only faster or slower in the x-direction when the ground is moving too). I tried adding a speedX variable but it doesn't change anything. Can you help me with that too?

reply to Greenfoot bug

By Game/maniac - about 2 hours ago
could you give an example please?

reply to How to create a method in java that works like the act()-method in Greenfoot

By Super_Hippo - about 2 hours ago
You can download the source code of Greenfoot here:

reply to Move while boolean is false

By Recorsi - about 3 hours ago
Super_Hippo wrote...
<Code Omitted>
Wow that was simple, thanks :)

reply to How do i move an object always to one direction with getX and getY?

By Recorsi - about 5 hours ago
Super_Hippo wrote...
Try this: <Code Omitted> move(
Thank you it works :)