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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Condense code

By Trystar360 - 18 minutes ago
Heres the game so you can understand what I'm saying .

reply to Help Me Please :(

By danpost - about 1 hour ago
Collision detection has to be done in the class of one of the colliding actors. In order to move back off any hit grass, the actor needs to know where it was moved from. Therefore, the setting of the actor's location should also be done in its class. Make your world class act method simply this: <Code Omitted> Then, in each of the four called methods, use code similar to the following example: <Code Omitted>Line 4 will prevent the actor from moving onto any grass objects. Finally, remove the 'nabrak_atas' method from the Imun class.

reply to Counter isn't counting!

By danpost - about 3 hours ago
Please show your World subclass (Space class) code.

reply to Random movement made easy?

By USER_NAME - about 5 hours ago
Ok, thanks

reply to How to add counter, I have imported class counter (New to greenfoot)

By USER_NAME - about 5 hours ago
thanks much appreciated.