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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Text/char input

By Super_Hippo - about 1 hour ago
For typing text, you can use the “Greenfoot.getKey” function. To not type words like “space” instead of doing an actual space, you need to compare the output before you put it behind the String. <Code Omitted>

reply to Heads or Tails game

By Tycr - about 2 hours ago
danpost wrote...
Tycr wrote...
Dan, when you anwer back do you think i can send the game file to you? there are a lot more problems i have and im stressing out because this game is due tomorrow
If your scenario compiles, you can upload it on this site with source included. Otherwise, you will need to post your codes within this discussion.
okay ill edit it at lunch and then compile it and send it!