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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Counter not working

By danpost - about 2 hours ago
You create a Car object, but show a cars class. Cannot do anything about the counter until it is known what you are doing there. Remove act(); from the Level2 class constructor and then take the first 3 lines in act and move them to the prepare method.

reply to question about scrolling

By danpost - about 2 hours ago
aim_dll wrote...
I want my screen to automatically scroll into the according direction when I hover my mouse over the bottum/top/right/left.
Please refer to my Scrolling Tutorial scenario. It does not specifically cover mouse-at-edge action, but other than that, it will not be any different.

reply to Anyone wanna make a game with me so i can submit it to class?

By epicgamez4201337 - about 5 hours ago
Starting off with a big game is probably not the best idea. I'd recommend you to start with the basics of Java, and then slowly start making bigger and bigger projects. But a game already is not a good start I think