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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


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By danpost - about 5 hours ago
wabuilderman wrote...
has greenfoot changed much since around 2005ish?
I do not think greenfoot was around in 2005 -- and you did not set up an account here until 2013. Maybe you meant 2015. At any rate, a bit has changed. Probably best to use the search bar and look for notices of new greenfoot versions (the latest being 3.1.0 at of the time of this response). The rest you will probably learn as you again do work in greenfoot.

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By Chepaci - about 14 hours ago
thanks i appreaciated

reply to Please help!

By 일리아스 - about 15 hours ago
Line 13: 35 and 765 is refering to the range in which the mobs should spawn (on the y axis) in the world (my world is 1000x800 cells big). 999 (on the y axis) basically means that they should spawn on the very right end of my world.

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By danpost - about 15 hours ago
DrCrane wrote...
Could you give me an example?
<Code Omitted>