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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Making a win or lose state.

By Notted - 5 minutes ago
It works! So the problem was with the way it was spawning in?


By gdrgnxxi - 40 minutes ago
I have a game where in this will be the flow: 1. Chef will enter and a dialogue text will flash on the screen (actor chef will show the food order, ex. burger) 2. The ingredients of the order then (actors: bun, burger patty, lettuce tomatoes) will slide down the screen wherein the player can click the key arrow left if the ingredient is part of the order and key arrow right if not. The problem is that, I don't know how can i move these many actors in order. I want the chef to show first then disappear. Then, the ingreidents then show, then the player can now play. When i run my code, all actors move at the same time.

reply to Give points when cursor clicks on object.

By Nosson1459 - about 1 hour ago
use the mouseClicked(java.lang.Object obj) method in the greenfoot class, like this: <Code Omitted>

reply to Laser Limit

By Nosson1459 - about 1 hour ago
I didn't really look over your code but I think what danpost is trying to say is that your 'limit' variable was never initialized, meaning you never did this:<Code Omitted>

reply to Need help, whenever frog eats fly, score goes up 1

By Nosson1459 - about 1 hour ago
did you put any code for the fly after it was removed? because the remove must be the last thing you use the fly for

reply to Quick question concerning a for loop

By n1ght5t41xX - about 3 hours ago
Solved it myself - I forgot to put a delay into it. Still leaving this here for education purposes haha