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play Color Coordination
plays 2157 / votes 1

Color Coordination

by danpost, 2012/4/23

Find the exact color or colors you want.

play Barriers and Bars
plays 5834 / votes 8

Barriers and Bars

by danpost, 2012/5/15

Demo on using barriers and bars

play Teleport Demo
plays 4119 / votes 4

Teleport Demo

by danpost, 2012/5/27

Demo on teleporting objects

play Line Following Demo
plays 3068 / votes 2

Line Following Demo

by danpost, 2012/6/1

An actor guided by a specific color in the background of the world. Has 4-way and 8-way movement methods.

play Evolution Simulator
plays 793 / votes 2

Evolution Simulator

by Kostya20052011, 2020/7/23

Create an evolution on another planet

play AntLife
plays 3452 / votes 7


by Kostya20052011, 2020/3/8


play Timed scrolling
plays 3293 / votes 1

Timed scrolling

by danpost, 2012/7/4

6 worlds with different tile counts to make the scrolling background, giving frames per second.

play Game of Life (Conway's)
plays 4145 / votes 5

Game of Life (Conway's)

by danpost, 2012/8/31

My sim of Conway's Game of Life with special features.

play Pendulum Demo
plays 2745 / votes 1

Pendulum Demo

by danpost, 2012/10/10

A demonstration of a pendulum in action.

play Space Flight Demo
plays 3013 / votes 4

Space Flight Demo

by danpost, 2012/10/24

Demo of controlling a ship traveling through '3D' space

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