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play World Scaling Demo
plays 1459 / votes 1

World Scaling Demo

by danpost, 2015/3/7

A demonstration of giving a project scaling capability (changing dimensions of worlds proportionally).

play Bernie the Bear Avoider Game
plays 2360 / votes 1

Bernie the Bear Avoider Game

by danpost, 2015/3/24

Do not let Bernie get burned. Avoid the hot nasties.

play JerooFoot Application
plays 2380 / votes 3

JerooFoot Application

by danpost, 2015/4/2

Create, save and test your own levels while learning java basics.

play Dawn of Tanks
plays 1389 / votes 7

Dawn of Tanks

by Roshan123, 2020/8/20

play World of Tanks 2d
plays 2848 / votes 3

World of Tanks 2d

by Kostya20052011, 2020/4/16

Game about tanks

play Improve Your Maths
plays 1340 / votes 1

Improve Your Maths

by danpost, 2015/4/25

Solve the four basic operations at various difficulty levels.

play Hitbox Visualizer
plays 2106 / votes 0

Hitbox Visualizer

by danpost, 2015/4/27

I started this one thinking it was going to be more useful than it turned out to be.

play V Formation Demo
plays 1187 / votes 1

V Formation Demo

by danpost, 2015/5/6

Demo of followers tending toward the standard flying v-formation.

play Simple Fractal Recursion
plays 1481 / votes 0

Simple Fractal Recursion

by danpost, 2015/5/14

Animated recursion demo.

play White Blood Cell
plays 99 / votes 0

White Blood Cell

by Xeneon, 2020/10/8

White Blood Cell must eat Bacteria

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