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Greenfoot back


play space-invaders
plays 17 / votes 0


by thiago514, 1 hour ago

play Monster Battle!
plays 13 / votes 0

Monster Battle!

by ZayneZafar, 1 hour ago

Defeat the monster and avoid their attacks!

play Steam Lab Fight
plays 95 / votes 0

Steam Lab Fight

by zaiham, 2023/11/28

play Arthur in the Libray
plays 121 / votes 0

Arthur in the Libray

by maswat24, 2023/11/17

Collect the running books

play one night at pds
plays 245 / votes 0

one night at pds

by 找不到厕所, 2023/10/27

supposed to be comedic

play tennis pong
plays 50 / votes 0

tennis pong

by coderbro, 16 hours ago

play PDS Library
plays 157 / votes 0

PDS Library

by vergol25, 2023/11/13

play PDS Campus Game
plays 152 / votes 0

PDS Campus Game

by emilymccann, 2023/10/30

play Navigating the Hallways
plays 128 / votes 0

Navigating the Hallways

by, 2023/10/30

Try to avoid the passing students and reach the classroom door

play Random Geometric Art Generator
plays 28 / votes 0

Random Geometric Art Generator

by BenZim, 20 hours ago

Create animated art

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