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Goes with this YouTube Video -
No threads. Just a common timer based on nanotime, to keep things sort of in sync. I don't believe that the Greenfoot Gallery would play nicely with threads (everything gets converted to JavaScript before being displayed in HTML 5) so I didn't even consider that. At it's core there is TreeMap of TreeMaps of ArrayList of GameObject (not as complicated as it sounds - just a way to keep track of objects without having millions of null checks) and a camera algorithm to provide a list of objects near enough to the player to be "drawn." I layer that over a separately managed by similarly timed Tile engine. The thing that's slowing me down is that this is a behemoth of old code! This wasn't a planned project - it started off as starter code for an almost completely unrelated student project (an image manipulation project, where they manipulate a buffered image using 2d array logic) and so each time I add something, there is a lot of backtracking. Having said that, if you send me a message on the Teacher side of this website, I'll send you a link to the code.