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play Simple Snake
plays 1575 / votes 0

Simple Snake

by Miikku, 2013/5/22

Simple Snake game

play Little Crab revised
plays 833 / votes 0

Little Crab revised

by HDESH7, 2013/8/29

Steer the crab using the a and z butons

play little-crab
plays 635 / votes 0


by Joedell, 2014/3/4

Simplee game - steer crab

play breakout v1.0
plays 1644 / votes 0

breakout v1.0

by Rishav_Agarwal, 2014/4/8

Break the objects and complete the game.

play CarGame
plays 1267 / votes 0


by shlanu25, 2014/5/21

Car Game

play Pong
plays 789 / votes 0


by travel628, 2014/7/4

A game reminiscent of the original Atari game.

play Wombat Leaf Control
plays 790 / votes 0

Wombat Leaf Control

by boogreen, 2014/8/7

My goal is for people to have fun and laugh while watching this act.

play Dragon maze
plays 729 / votes 0

Dragon maze

by hox, 2014/10/6

Dragon kills you - ESCAPE!

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