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Scenarios tagged: shooter

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play Zombie Shooter Demo
plays 7451 / votes 7

Zombie Shooter Demo

by danpost, 2014/9/5

The basics of a zombie shooter game (mock images used).

play StormShooters
plays 1450 / votes 1


by Archerfish, 2019/12/18

A School Project on Projectiles and Collision Events

play White Eagle
plays 461 / votes 0

White Eagle

by Nate2002, 2019/11/19

play Rock Throwing Gangster
plays 165 / votes 0

Rock Throwing Gangster

by theredcup, 2019/11/19

Throw rocks at bullies!

play SpaceBullet
plays 340 / votes 0


by Punda, 2019/10/28

V0.6.4 WIP

play Suicide SpaceSheep
plays 1716 / votes 4

Suicide SpaceSheep

by Hazlyde, 2019/7/24

Collects space bananas to kill the waves of bad guys!

play Space Rangers
plays 343 / votes 0

Space Rangers

by liverpoolfc, 2019/7/26

Game of Survival.

play Particle Shooting Game
plays 673 / votes 1

Particle Shooting Game

by Vise, 2019/7/1

A Shooting Game

play Mission
plays 340 / votes 0


by SamW889, 2019/6/22