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Scenarios tagged: mouse

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play Alien Invaders
plays 1389 / votes 0

Alien Invaders

by Albert54w6, yesterday

A new version of Space Invaders

play skyfire
plays 37 / votes 1


by Anggitoro, yesterday

tembak-tembakan seru

play 12171598_project_1
plays 31 / votes 0


by Ikram_yom, 2019/1/17

Game Untuk Tugas PBO

play Lemur VS Burger
plays 32 / votes 0

Lemur VS Burger

by Ikram_yom, 2019/1/17

Game Untuk Tugas PBO

play Pac World
plays 47 / votes 0

Pac World

by AEckert3442, 2019/1/16

play The Art of War
plays 126 / votes 0

The Art of War

by Don'tCallMeDavie, 2019/1/14

A Catan-like war game

play final product
plays 81 / votes 1

final product

by KingMita, 2019/1/14

Avoider game

play Under the Sea
plays 109 / votes 0

Under the Sea

by pompombears, 2019/1/14

relaxing avoider game

play The Maze ( With the results screen fixed)
plays 143 / votes 0

The Maze ( With the results screen fixed)

by sbmcneal, 2018/12/14

This is a simple point and click game that takes you through a series of choices as you continue through a maze. This game keeps track of the choices you make ( illogical or logical) and presents you with the percentage of logical and illogical choices you have mad in the game. It also shows you the overall percentage of all the choices that all of the players (who were logged in) that have played the game.