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Greenfoot back


play Spacebear: Reborn
plays 7769 / votes 6

Spacebear: Reborn

by xXSmokingGunzXx, 2015/11/23

play Bricks
plays 9896 / votes 9


by davmac, 2008/3/27

Move paddle to deflect ball into bricks

play dimensions
plays 63 / votes 3


by leonakis, 2020/1/13

play Kitchen Fever
plays 188 / votes 2

Kitchen Fever

by ZhongchiLeoLi, 2020/1/14

Restaurant Kitchen Simulator

play Asteroids w/improved QActor SuperClass
plays 4507 / votes 5

Asteroids w/improved QActor SuperClass

by danpost, 2014/10/7

The classic using my refined movement and turning system for smoothness. Added shielding capability.

play New Super Mario Bros. Greenfoot
plays 6295 / votes 7

New Super Mario Bros. Greenfoot

by nolttr21, 2018/11/26

Progress through 4 levels and 3 boss fights!

play HealthBarDemo
plays 2074 / votes 3


by MrCohen, 2012/6/6

An example of how to create a HP bar in Greenfoot

play filereader
plays 5607 / votes 3


by davmac, 2012/5/15

Demo for reading from a file

play Speed3D
plays 81535 / votes 201


by Builderboy2005, 2009/1/31

New and improved

play Virus Terminator
plays 88 / votes 3

Virus Terminator

by marios92, 2020/1/13

Use the steelball to exterminate the viruses

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