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Scenarios tagged: uaslp

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play OneLife
plays 80 / votes 0


by Masterix, 2019/12/3

He is a prisioner

play Stranger Fires (test 1)
plays 95 / votes 0

Stranger Fires (test 1)

by AxelOswaldo, 2019/12/2

Proyecto de TecnologĂ­a Orientada a Objetos.

play Moon Land
plays 606 / votes 2

Moon Land

by DanielCano115, 2019/11/23

Proyecto desarrollado para la materia de Tecnologia Orientada a Objetos

play Aincrad Defender
plays 745 / votes 2

Aincrad Defender

by denscuevs, 2019/10/30

play Gem's Dungeon
plays 83 / votes 0

Gem's Dungeon

by maxhta9, 2019/11/28

Proyecto TecnologĂ­a Orientada a Objetos

play Run and Dodge
plays 514 / votes 1

Run and Dodge

by LilianaJazmin, 2019/11/21

play Human-Attack
plays 471 / votes 2


by juanvazquez07, 2019/11/4

Este es un video-juego fuera de lo comun.

play proyecto-23-gems-dungeon
plays 226 / votes 1


by inakiachotegui, 2019/11/7

Gems Dungeon - The Hourglass Sword

play Diamond Hoarder
plays 160 / votes 1

Diamond Hoarder

by SirWaffles27910, 2019/11/18

Its your average Minecraft player walking around in a sandy world trying to collect all the diamonds while avoiding the Blazes