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Scenarios tagged: simulation

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play Bumble Bee
plays 240 / votes 0

Bumble Bee

by Reginold, 2017/10/14

Eat the FRUITS and win!

play Fruity Bees
plays 351 / votes 0

Fruity Bees

by Reginold, 2017/10/11

It's a TWO PLAYERS game!

play JumpingKangarooDemo
plays 49 / votes 0


by jimboweb, 2 days ago

Just a kangaroo that jumps.

play MapWorld SuperClass
plays 3785 / votes 7

MapWorld SuperClass

by danpost, 2013/1/19

A super-class that helps create, map out, and run levels in a gridWorld.

play Super Level Support Class
plays 1640 / votes 3

Super Level Support Class

by danpost, 2014/2/12

A superclass that supports world levels. Fully documented.

play Turtile
plays 895 / votes 4


by Reginold, 2017/5/20

Free Counter Codes

play Chord Recognizer
plays 819 / votes 1

Chord Recognizer

by Nichodon, 2016/7/30

With a piano

play conways game of life
plays 57 / votes 0

conways game of life

by Skalli, 2017/10/11

a cellular automaton

play Linux eater
plays 212 / votes 0

Linux eater

by Pammota, 2017/10/2