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Scenarios tagged: simulation

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play The Ant Killer
plays 147 / votes 0

The Ant Killer

by sd89885, 2019/10/16

play CombinatorialCircuitEditor
plays 3452 / votes 10


by Kartoffelbrot, 2013/9/14

Build your own computer!

play Kinematics Duel
plays 299 / votes 0

Kinematics Duel

by jish.koh, 2019/9/19

Play as a cannon cart fighting for dominance in this Kinematics-based local multiplayer game!

play Orange Man (Rage)
plays 328 / votes 0

Orange Man (Rage)

by Chris01089, 2019/9/13

Have fun!!!

plays 249 / votes 0


by Pras333, 2019/9/11

A super-class that help create, map out, and run a gridWorld.

play Snake Game
plays 298 / votes 0

Snake Game

by dassa212, 2019/9/8

Game Apik Buatan Indonesia

play Chaotic Pong
plays 292 / votes 0

Chaotic Pong

by MakeHell_Tal, 2019/8/28

Pong with a twist.

play TheFishyFish
plays 1191 / votes 5


by SimonTheFrench, 2019/7/23

Catch the hearts and bolloons without touching the death heads, and as quickly as possible, through many levels!

play Detective Dom (Demo)
plays 292 / votes 1

Detective Dom (Demo)

by protocolUnknown, 2019/8/14

Detective interrogation game that uses txt file to form level progression/interrogation progression