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steved presents ...


Mr Cubeman's Maze

Controll Mr. Cubeman by dragging him around the screen. Avoid the walls, as they will sent you back to the begining. Also runing out of time will also send you to the begining. Time running out will reset checkpoints as well.

There are curently 7 levels. I will add at least 3 more. I plan on adding the 8th level in a few days but it takes quite a long time to write the code for each level!
Tell me if there are any bugs, also if anyone has any ideas please tell me them.
I do not know of any existing bugs so its especially important to comment about them if you find any.

This was my entry for the june intermediate competition and it won! Now it is on the second page of most popular (last time I checked).

Lastly please PLEASE like this game so it can get to the first page of Most popular.

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Tags: mouse game maze with-source challenge man mr cube winner c3ij13 cubemans

This scenario is a member of: Challenge Winners, CHALLENGE 3 | June

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Hopefully I will be able to add another level within a few days!
OH MY GOD LEVEL 3 *rips hair out* That's a neat game though.


I am also going to make the collision a bit more accurate next update. That should make it a bit easier.


Sorry for the wait for an update I haven't been able to work on it much lately.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue Aug 12 12:19:59 UTC 2014 After a long time withought any updates, I am back! This is a very minor update to prepare for new fetures I will me adding! There may be bugs as I have tweaked with a lot, and I may not remember exactly what I have broken and forgotten to fix!


I have lots planned! also, keep an eye out for a new game that I am working on now! it will eventually be an iPhone app (if I can stay on one project long enough....)


Nice game! but seriously difficult especially on a laptop with a lousy trackpad! hehe Some thoughts: maybe the timer should reset everytime you die, so you won tdie because the timer was almost zero when you started. Also if it's much work to create the levels, my LevelReader class might help you make many new levels. It allows you to draw rectangles in paint and interpret them as objects, which can be added. This allows you do simply draw the levels in paint. should be easy to modify to suit this game. Have a look at my scenario at /scenarios/12048 if youre interested in an example game where all the levels are drawn in Paint :)


Yeah, I am working on making it a little less sensitive. I still don't recommend playing this with a trackpad :D. I will check out your class and see if it would work with my design.

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