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Scenarios tagged: man

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play Pac-Man from IKS Neum√ľnster
plays 560 / votes 0

Pac-Man from IKS Neum√ľnster

by MeuToy, 2019/6/5


play Iron Man-Escape the Quantum realm
plays 247 / votes 0

Iron Man-Escape the Quantum realm

by Musa123, 2019/2/14

play Legend of Zelda
plays 332 / votes 0

Legend of Zelda

by Zeeshan45, 2019/1/21

play Tank Man
plays 1089 / votes 1

Tank Man

by camelcaseNotation, 2016/5/28

A game about tanks that doesn't involve men

play Pac-Mario
plays 1146 / votes 0


by JosueSO, 2016/5/26

play Pac Man Word
plays 1123 / votes 0

Pac Man Word

by yopachara, 2015/6/14

play PacMan
plays 10199 / votes 3


by Douggresham, 2015/3/2

play Mr Cubeman's Maze
plays 4400 / votes 15

Mr Cubeman's Maze

by steved, 2013/6/4

AVOID THE WALLS! (no really, avoid them)

play Playing with Pim
plays 1356 / votes 2

Playing with Pim

by Foppen, 2013/12/10

Do you want to play with Pim?