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Scenarios tagged: school

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play Poorboy Moneyhunt YCCTW PROJECT
plays 3254 / votes 0

Poorboy Moneyhunt YCCTW PROJECT

by AreegeJendi, 2013/5/28

You Can Save the World Project

play Super Mario Bros
plays 9530 / votes 9

Super Mario Bros

by US-AG, 2013/6/7

Computer Programming 11 Project

play Reaktorroboter
plays 939 / votes 0


by The_Great_Jordan, 2020/10/18

Program your own World with the reactor robot.

play little-crab
plays 7225 / votes 0


by vulcanmario, 2010/9/17

Multiplayer little-crab with game over screen and animation

play Braakschooncollege
plays 4471 / votes 3


by harrienak, 2010/1/21


play driving school
plays 5099 / votes 10

driving school

by rafael.gregorut, 2011/7/2

play Little Crab Project
plays 6391 / votes 1

Little Crab Project

by JJA, 2010/11/20

An improved version of the scenario "Little Crab"

play Diffusion Process - Simple Simulation
plays 1707 / votes 0

Diffusion Process - Simple Simulation

by jmp, 2017/7/7

A very simple diffusion process of two particle.

play Catch the flies
plays 918 / votes 0

Catch the flies

by DarioLoi, 2019/8/30

Game based on Java Fundamentals course