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vulcanmario presents ...



Multiplayer little-crab.

To win as the crab collect 5 worms without being caught by the lobster.
To win as the Lobster catch the crab while avoiding the humans.

Crab: W - Move, A - Turn Left, D - Turn Right
Lobster: Up - Move, Left - Turn Left, Right - Turn Right

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Tags: game science ap school high kuemmel west computer richard hough

open in greenfoot
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This is not working for me, Java is blocked! I have lowered my setting to allow anything in, still to no avail with this program. Help!


@seangreen, even if it was not blocked, it still would not run. Exceptions are thrown during world construction due to incorrect file name references in the code. You can download it and open it in your greenfoot application. Then go through the Animal subclasses and change the references to begin with lowercase letters. Then it will run within the greenfoot application.


I am sorry, I am new at this. Can you explain that to me like I am a ten-year old? I just don't understand so many things that you just said.


@seangreen, just understand that because of coding errors, the scenario will not run even if it was not blocked. You could click the big green 'Open in Greenfoot' button (above and to the right) to download the source code in a jar file (suffix of ".gfar"), move it from your 'downloads' folder to your 'Greenfoot/scenarios' folder, open your greeenfoot program and load the file to open the project. Then open the editor for each of the subclasses of Actor (arrows going down and to the right from the Actor class), find where the image filenames are and change the first letter in each one to a lowercase letter. You will then be able to compile and run the project.

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