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Scenarios tagged: school

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play Sushy
plays 442 / votes 2


by FunnyOtter, 2022/8/23

Create a Classic Game in a new style

play Hungry Crabby
plays 1489 / votes 0

Hungry Crabby

by Aftermath24, 2014/4/10

Eat them Wormys but not avoid yon lobsters

play Neopets-based TERROR AT THE BANK
plays 1368 / votes 0

Neopets-based TERROR AT THE BANK

by majikarusashimi, 2013/5/29

A regular day at the bank.

play model-car-remote-v1
plays 2338 / votes 0


by Guenter, 2013/3/20

Remote control your DaguCar via Bluetooth - you will have to download this scenario!

play Get the Pizza
plays 2037 / votes 0

Get the Pizza

by 16jehrlich, 2014/6/18

play Visjee
plays 2020 / votes 0


by Greenstudent, 2013/11/1

Eat fishes and become the biggest fish.

play Breakout
plays 1440 / votes 0


by silatham99, 2013/3/20

The classic brick-breaking game

play Poorboy Moneyhunt YCCTW PROJECT
plays 3365 / votes 0

Poorboy Moneyhunt YCCTW PROJECT

by AreegeJendi, 2013/5/28

You Can Save the World Project

play MedivalQ
plays 1805 / votes 0


by NSol, 2012/6/13

Game for AP CS, Incomplete