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Herman presents ...



SmileyInSpace becomes a game I think.

I wrote some real cool midimusic, circular and spiral motion, and a stream of stars.

Author Herman Bakker
Version 04-07-2009
- setup some perpetual sprite movement based on a circular and spiral path
Version 05-07-2009
- write intro without perpetual sprite movement
Version 08-07-2009
- compose midimusic, soundwave
Version 10-07-2009
- upload intro.
Version 19-07-2009
- add starfield, upload.
Version 10-08-2009
- edited version.

My graphics I make with Paint.NET.
My midimusic and soundwave I make with MusicMaker and a Yamaha synth.

Hit Run to start.
To take off you hit "Haga clic aqui" or wait till the smileys are boarded.

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Tags: music midi sound starfield wave

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como yo
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue Jul 14 12:30:47 UTC 2009
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue Jul 14 12:31:36 UTC 2009


Herman your SmileyInSpace is not what it was... pls export the other one again for me :-)
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Jul 15 17:54:13 UTC 2009


Hola polle and dothebone I just encountered a funktionalllity to do the scaling and moving. The user cannot code it. It has to be done in the publishing part. The scenario icon can be scaled and moved with a slider waahoooo Happy coding :-))


yes Herman this is what i meant yesterday, look at my icon it is working :-) tnx
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Jul 19 17:04:20 UTC 2009


Tnx my friend, i just noticed you have an unlimited supplie ;-)


Hi Herman, just saw, heard your intro, fits like a glove. I like it. Check, later :-)

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