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Scenarios tagged: music

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play isGuy
plays 3048 / votes 8


by Draymothisk, 2013/3/20

One adventure to rule them all.

play Apple Odyssey《暗黑疯苹果》
plays 397 / votes 0

Apple Odyssey《暗黑疯苹果》

by tatatingting, 2019/5/20

An apple sang a crazy song and got deeper in black. 一只苹果麦克疯,堕入无边黑暗。

play BGMusic Actor Class Demo
plays 2433 / votes 4

BGMusic Actor Class Demo

by danpost, 2014/5/17

A class for controlling the background music of your projects. Also has a preview of ArcBar actor.

play Piano Tiles
plays 379 / votes 0

Piano Tiles

by SIemaSeba, 2019/1/24

Piano Tiles

play Rice FlowerGather
plays 513 / votes 0

Rice FlowerGather

by P2rice20, 2018/9/17

Game featuring Kim Kardashian and John Cena's theme song, recreated by a flute.

play Player Piano
plays 3613 / votes 3

Player Piano

by danpost, 2012/6/11

A player piano with scroll window

plays 825 / votes 0


by LeoJha, 2017/11/30

play Guitar Hero!
plays 960 / votes 0

Guitar Hero!

by LeoJha, 2017/11/30

Guitar Hero In Green Foot

play Western Jump Game
plays 1165 / votes 0

Western Jump Game

by Mathirsch, 2016/11/12

Jump Game, with levels