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Scenarios tagged: sound

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play psyFantasy(Download)
plays 233 / votes 1


by AnriTool, 2022/5/15

endless Beat ’em up with the possibility of playing for two.

play Eye Movement
plays 438 / votes 0

Eye Movement

by Sharukkhan, 2021/2/1

Eye Movement Simulation begins

play LeJIT Soundboard
plays 668 / votes 0

LeJIT Soundboard

by mpavone20, 2020/1/14

This is a soundboard of my friend Rutujit.

play Protect the Animals
plays 557 / votes 0

Protect the Animals

by Benji, 2019/12/5

Player protects animals from the evil dot

play Ten Rings of Buddha
plays 2770 / votes 1

Ten Rings of Buddha

by FreeBobby2020, 2019/4/5

An Explorer is on an adventure to collect the Ten Rings of Buddha

play Scuba
plays 2770 / votes 1


by Kanye4Prez, 2019/4/5

Help the scuba diver get the treasure.

play Boss Rush (0.9)
plays 942 / votes 0

Boss Rush (0.9)

by Jangofett5556, 2018/12/20

play Boss Rush (0.8) (buggy)
plays 715 / votes 0

Boss Rush (0.8) (buggy)

by Jangofett5556, 2018/12/19

play Boss Rush (0.8)
plays 1127 / votes 0

Boss Rush (0.8)

by Jangofett5556, 2018/12/7

Boss Rush game in development. Sidescroller demo built-in.