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@NikZ for one did you read the help? Second of all were you using the new battle system or the old? and if you were using the new, did you put any of your trops into groups using the buttons labeled G1, G2...?
Try using setPaintOrder(top.class,middle.class,bottom.class); this lets you choose which classes gets placed on top of other classes in order. Also I noticed that the game is nearly impossible in the beginning but becomes extremely easy as the game goes on. I lost 8 lives in the first wave and 1 in the second. I used the $1,000 turret but I didn't notice it doing anything. I found the $250 turret is completely ineffective in hard and the $600 turret is the most effective turret in the game. Also by the price of the ship, I thought it would be extremely extremely powerful, but was extremely disappointed by it's power. It takes several ships for them to be as effective as the $600 turret. The $600 turret kills one or more person per hit and just by spamming them can make it impossible for the enemies to even get on the map. (I took a screenshot of my game if your interrested: I still really like this game though.