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@NikZ for one did you read the help? Second of all were you using the new battle system or the old? and if you were using the new, did you put any of your trops into groups using the buttons labeled G1, G2...?
Try using setPaintOrder(top.class,middle.class,bottom.class); this lets you choose which classes gets placed on top of other classes in order. Also I noticed that the game is nearly impossible in the beginning but becomes extremely easy as the game goes on. I lost 8 lives in the first wave and 1 in the second. I used the $1,000 turret but I didn't notice it doing anything. I found the $250 turret is completely ineffective in hard and the $600 turret is the most effective turret in the game. Also by the price of the ship, I thought it would be extremely extremely powerful, but was extremely disappointed by it's power. It takes several ships for them to be as effective as the $600 turret. The $600 turret kills one or more person per hit and just by spamming them can make it impossible for the enemies to even get on the map. (I took a screenshot of my game if your interrested: I still really like this game though.
So apparently when I shared the game, it left out the html file included in the same file as all the classes (I thought it'd automatically include it), anyway to fix this?
@lordhershey11 Thanks for the advice, I will try to reform battles (but I don't promise anything, anytime soon) and since you mentioned "Ancient Art of War at Sea" I thought that sea battles might be interesting to have too.
What does the fountain do? When I go to it it's just a giant fountain and nothing to do there. When I go back it resets everything except my score and I used to escape the boss a few times (which I think is impossible to beat). Also I sometimes warped through the barrels and the got stuck in the bottom right barrels more than once. Just telling you about the bugs I seen. Btw I liked the game. Kinda reminds me of the zombie game Dead Ops Arcade on Black Ops and the name was part of the reason I played your game although I thought it would be more like Dante's Inferno because of the name.
Correction in the update message: I said "I didn't initially include Mystery Villages in the help," well I reread the help and I called them "Evil Castles" there. Also besides raising their max level, the percentage chance of them showing up raises after each invasion. I also forgot to mention that after lvl 100 (and my best was 72 before I lost all my troops and quit) there are no more invasions and the villages don't get any harder, but the max level of the Mystery Villages is 10 (higher than player village animation level) and they have a 100% chance of showing up (one in every level). I didn't feel the need to create events after level 100 (yet [until I get past that level myself] or unless someone asks).
@Super_Hippo thanks for your feedback, do you have any suggestions? Like I said I'm not entirely done with it either.
that was it?
thanks, I'll take a look at it