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Everybody who ever played Doodle jump knows how this works :)
Move the animal with you left and right key and jump on the green platforms. Try to go as high as you can.

There is a store in this game. You can buy items here, but you need to collect enough coins in the game before you can do so. I hope you enjoy it, and it's one of the unique features of Jump!.

There are 3 power ups right now: a shield, a rocket and a gun. If you have a shield, you wouldn't go game over when you hit a monster. With the rocket, you'll go really fast. And the gun allows you to shoot the monsters by clicking on the screen.
You hear a sound if you grab a power up, and you'll hear that sound twice if your power up is about to expire.

If you want to have a highscore in the game, you have to login to this site with your Greenfoot account. You also have to login if you want to use the store and save your coins.

Feel free to leave a comment. If there's a bug, give me the most precise description of it so I can fix it. Thanks!

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Tags: mouse game highscore jump sound addictive monkey monster elephant panda

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Yeah I was logged in! It said 'loading highscores' and it spent five mins and didn't do anything at all! so I quit off of it, I don't know why and I didn't press the pause button either


Ok, but did the background still scroll?


yeah it did, but the green outline of the game just started repeating over and over again as I scrolled down, and I couldn't get back to the game but I just clicked on activity and it was fine, the game works perfect but its just when the game ends is the problem it messes up my laptop, so I cant play it or make a new highscore, but all the other scenarios I play work perfectly its just this one


I find it really weird, especially since I don't seem to do anything weird except for running it in another thread. Sorry for the inconvenience. Maybe it's your computer, although I can't say that for sure. It's just that you're the first one to experience this.


There's some error comment and I can't play this. The picture of the mammoth on the home page is cute though!


What does it say?


I believe that ksksks was not logged in and got an ExceptionInitializerError. Looking at the details, I think it may have to do with UserInfo storage connecting.


I'm am doing this so I can look at them later in the future, I'm done now.. so called spam.


Ok. But why leave this comment on MY scenario? I posted it at yours, so it's more obvious to continue there


The dust on my screen adds another dimension to the game =D

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