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umm well im not sure what he was thinking with the turn 360 when it hits wall but the space craft brings the lobsters to the beach from space i suppose
I'M confused here all you do is eat cherries which give you points and mushrooms take away ... so when does it end ? im lost here i mean it looks like a could be made into a really fun and enjoyable game but when does it end like its an endless supply of Cherries and mushrooms and also what is the goal? but a good game at a glance and nice little addition on how it moves diagonally
hey yoshush you had so many flies because you ate a green ant which confuses you and that is what confuses you is all the flies if you read ABOVE it has what the green ants do
game is crazy ( in a good way)
cool game but please make it smaller at 100% i cant see everything and at 75% i have to scroll to look around
hey akuhano what is your profile pic supposed to be ?
hey could you show this game in greenfoot because i want to see how you have a your best
reset it and it works fine