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avivdon presents ...


On The Beach

Try to get your best score by eating worms, butterflies, little lobsters or by eating everything on the Shiny Mode!
Worms-The basic food of the crab. There are alot of worms on the beach.
Butterfly-The favorite food of the crab. If you catch one, You'll get a Shiny Mode for a few seconds - You'll be able to eat everything without getting hurt and you'll get a speed bonus!
Lobster-Likes to eat crabs. Sometimes he can breed by meeting another lobster and transfer to the beach by rockets.
Pelican-When the crab eats the pelican it gets a speed bonus.
Turtle-Anything that eats a turtle becomes confused or slows his walk.
Alligator-Eats anything with his thick body.
Ants-Like worms. When an ant eats a worm it becomes a crazy green ant. If the crab eats the green ant, it becomes sick and poisoned, while losing control on the crab and cannot see anything.

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This scenario is a member of: Oranim College - 2011-2012

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great game :) I especially liked the diversity and the creativity of the animals. I'll be glad if you could present this game in class.


really nice game! though i didn't like that if you collide with the world edge you turn into one direction even if it is the opp. of where you want to go. i really love the ants and all the animal bonuses very orriginal. but why at some point i have many flies?


hey yoshush you had so many flies because you ate a green ant which confuses you and that is what confuses you is all the flies if you read ABOVE it has what the green ants do


Very good game, why when I hit the wall I suddenly repelled another direction? I loved all the objects, and the situation where you can eat the lobster (and I loved the baby lobsters). What exactly the spacecraft is supposed to be?


umm well im not sure what he was thinking with the turn 360 when it hits wall but the space craft brings the lobsters to the beach from space i suppose
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Feb 12 19:46:56 UTC 2012 Abillity to move any direction from the edges.


I very liked the idea that from the edges I can turn only clockwise (because the crab always walks right) but I understood that many people don't like it, so enjoy! (Press left arrow on an edge...)
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue Feb 14 18:32:01 UTC 2012 New sounds added! Bugs fixed.


Awsomeness! I realy like all those creatures, this is a realy funny and creative game! +1 what I would recommand to change, is that at the edge, you are turning around.. I think it`s high value of the turn.. and 1 more thing - what`s the point of the bees?


Cool Game! I like all the sounds, the varied of the objects, the animals.... Its very interesting to turn in the edge, thats make the game to be more quick. But, i think that you need to make the game harder in some point. i can get very high score if i just have a lots of time. More thing, when alligator about to come, make a ring, i was killed because of him a lot.

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