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Builderboy2005 presents ...



This is an amplitude based visualizer (a simple one) that uses the byte values in a wav file to find the amplitude of the sound at various parts.

Its very simple right now but could be expanded to more ocmplex visualizers. Maybe even a frequency based visualizer given a working Fast Fourier Transform, although I havent been able to get that to work myself

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Tags: music demo with-source sound visualization

open in greenfoot
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Haha I can provide you with a couple high quality files of some of my other work if you like? Also yeah the music does keep playing, it is actually a bit easier that way XD The visualization should still be correct if you press play again though (if it was actually working in the Gallery in the first place that is)
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Feb 02 18:38:49 UTC 2012 Changed to a radial list based buffer to fix Gallery issues


I might take you up on that offer later. However, to be sure you know (heading to bed). The visualiser worked for me from the Gallery!!
I'm pleased ^^ Finally got this to work after all those annoying problems >.<


OMG Now there's a bullet limit???? OH NOOOO (Okay)


Wait.... Posted at the wrong place :D I thought I clicked the nightmare game XD
Lol yep finally added ammunition in Nightmare >:D Ration your bullets!


You are not Builderboy. You must be Buildergenius!


Like the program, love the song!


^Love the program

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