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@McBook, That is the plan; however my programs here are solely for my enthusiasm to code. Just have to wait for the right motivation, while not directing my energy in other projects and ideas. It's unfortunate the community here has long since dissipated in some respects, in that a substantial scenario (which I would like to think I have many) raises very little interest or excitement. But thank you for yours.
Fun exercise. Maybe add light vertical lines to show the levels of indentation possible on the ordered statements side. Also maybe allow us to read the problem before starting the timer, (so the problem shows, we read it, we hit start when ready, then code blocks appear and timer starts).
Just noticed the symmetry in the line v2 = v1 + (v1 = v2) of my 3rd implementation of the fibonacci sequence. Programming is beautiful =)
@Blackknight1123, under-promotion is already implemented. Check the scenario description for how to do this.
@lordhershey, I will look into putting together a language spec, the original goal was to mimic Java execution. @danpost, arrays are a necessity and I won't forget about them, just trying to determine how to add them, whether I should continue sticking to how Java does it
Any suggestions? I was thinking about adding challenges/problems that you would have to write which will be tested against expected output etc. Most definitely will be adding String methods here soon when I have time. Capstone is nearly done.
Thanks! =)
@Blackknight1123, I forgot about that move, when I have time I will look into adding it.
Oh I didn't realize you were restricting your maze into actual "rooms"