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bourne presents ...



Was working on this the end of last year, and early this year(2014).

This is a gutted, refactored, and improved version of my Pryo game, found here:

New features of note:
* Larger screen.
* Leveling with experience bar.
* Fall damage.
* Region name notification.
* Death (including drowning). For now, use spacebar to revive.
* Loot with 4 tiers of rarity. (Check the loot window after a kill, where you can trash or transfer items to your inventory).
* Items, with stats (damage, defense, stats increase, xp gain, attack speed, invulnerability chance, reflected damage, bleed chance and damage, defense when health below 30%)
* Freeform attacking (click or press and hold) with melee weapons or bows. Different than Pyro where everything was skill based.
* Extended map.

Basic Controls:
Movements: WAD or arrow keys.
Attacks: mouse press/dragging(for bow aim).

There are 4 threads; one for drawing the game environment, one for characters, one for special effects like projectiles, floating text, and fires. And finally the main Greenfoot thread which is responsible for the UI.

The FPS is targeted at 40. It is pretty accurate I believe; having a designated drawing thread (which the fps is calculated by), with buffers which are grabbed by the main thread setting the World's background (from testing - the main thread will execute 2 or 3 times w/o having a new image to grab). And having the Greentfoot speed set at 51, and according to nccb's post that a speed of 51 relates to a target fps by Greenfoot to that of 70.

For reusable GUI Components, visit:

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Tags: mouse game physics demo scrolling platform path-finding bourne loot

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Are you going to add some more abilities and possibly increasing the xp gain and amount of enemies?


@McBook, That is the plan; however my programs here are solely for my enthusiasm to code. Just have to wait for the right motivation, while not directing my energy in other projects and ideas. It's unfortunate the community here has long since dissipated in some respects, in that a substantial scenario (which I would like to think I have many) raises very little interest or excitement. But thank you for yours.


@bourne I think you raise the bar so high we have become spoiled :D Your stuff is great. I think it is just a slow time atm.

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