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Also, you might be interested in my scenario here (which is used to determine which characters are persistent with userinfo): So you can determine the possible bitspace.
I did a save feature in my Tangled Escape game and I used the random seed method, and used rest of data for determining the fog-of-war. This maze here is similar to my Workshop scenario where you are saving walls - which you should only need to save two walls per "cell/room" since the other two walls are shared with adjacents
@JohnSherer, the ability to show others how your Greeps move is not implemented here since I don't think it would be desired. Watching how Greeps move can shed a lot of light on what the code is doing such as how the code uses the different elements such as the paint the Greeps spit. I don't see a score for you, were you not running your code in this scenario here onsite?
@JohnSherer, first via the rules and nature of the competition, code should not be shared. Note your code should be saved on the scenario, and I believe it is printed out to the console. Lastly, there is a way to get copy and paste to share the clipboard with your system clipboard, mentioned in the scenario description above.
I made a traffic system found here: and I think each intersection had a queue, but also took into account turns and what can go simultaneously through the parts of the intersections
Are you going to allow them to make turns?
That's because the other person needs to be in the scenario logged in as well.
That happens as it is still loading data - user images.
@drhorriblejr, Each town has 9 properties. One or two may be filled. On a less populated town you can scroll around on the map and find a property that has a sale sign.