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Thanks =) Don't forget to hit the like button
Nice job, I like how the pieces seem to enlarge and shrink between the board and side.
Ah sorry about that, must have forgot to check the box last update
No problem. It was the first thing I was looking for.
When within the Greenfoot IDE, a UserInfo server is mimicked locally, and the time it takes to pull from it isn't noticeable.
Perhaps why it is lagging is because at line 105 in the class Play, you have the following being executed every act cycle: UserInfo.getMyInfo().getInt(5) This retrieves data for the current user from the server which isn't as fast as it is when within the Greenfoot IDE
That's true. I'm just so attached to it, using my trackpad.
Maybe you could add a scroll listener (to incorporate the mouse wheel)
The only sprites I own in my game here are the trees, fences, and path. You may use what you want.