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Agree with MTK on all points; great idea, just a little hard to see! :)


Very clever! Would it be possible to alter it so the direction of movement is relative to the direction the actor is facing?
BlackholeGF, taking a look at your code you seem to do if(Die != 1 & Greenfoot.getRandomNumber(3) == 1) (do you mean to be doing a bitwise operation here, or did you want two && to make an AND? Otherwise I like it, maybe think about ways to create lines of walls/pre-set designs?
Nice work, that final level took a lot of repeating and quick jumping to do! Looks like you are planning over 6 areas, how many mini maps per part? Looking forward to see more! :)
You really shouldn't need to hardcore that. Why not have a controls setting class which contains the names for all the moves you have, then you can just call the methods where you need to?


Nice design idea! Some of them weren't too difficult if you found the shortcut, but was challenging, look forward to seeing how you use this in the challenge!
Score: 20390 :(
Enjoyable so far, and really like the focus as it fits the aim of the competition. Look forward to seeing more levels soon, keep up the good work!
A nice simulation, though you might want to make it so the same colours react to each other as well?