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Nice addition with the double jump (enables me to skip large parts!), any progress on further features? Also, please remember the aim for the competition is: "The environment, conservation and global warming", so keep that in mind when designing the scenario's as those with more focus on these three areas will be looked on more kindly by the judges.


Like the smiley face! Had 6,895 kWh after the timer finished. Is the amount of bulbs lit the same each time or different? Might be nice to know how many I got. Still, nice, simple and well-thought out scenario, any plans to create more of a similar note or add further features?
Looks like great potential, but try to ensure it has some connection to the codepoint aim: "The environment, conservation and global warming". However I am a big RTS fan, so hopefully this can get the right mix between gameplay and focus! Good luck :)
Well, yours currently just follow one way direction to finish the level (at least up until 10), maybe require the player to unlock something before they can finish (thus requiring them to go to different places and possibly repeat the same journey they just took). From the code point perspective your game is well thought out but needs more focus on the task of hand: "The environment, conservation and global warming". If you can incorporate some more elements with this focus you'll stand a better chance in the competition. I believe it details the scheduling problem and issue of dependencies, where for increasing number of items with differing dependencies creates a situation where trying to achieve tasks in the fastest time without breaking dependencies becomes extremely difficult and complex to solve. Maybe a help guide (in English if possible) might aid people, but otherwise interesting scenario :)
Completed that final level after 50 tries, any plans on adding more levels? Maybe look to add more complex levels that require repeating steps?
Not sure if this is a bug or not, but when I first press run only the "How" appears, and when I click on it the game pauses, and I need to press run again (after which the "Play" appears). Is this intentional?


Really nice work!


86 :)