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Urgh, can't take my eyes off for a second without it catching me out :(
Plays really well 1 player, though it is hard to see the current scores because of it is black on blue, perhaps this could be altered to something more readable? Otherwise great work! :)


Very challenging but good fun! :)


Managed to do it with 10 seconds remaining, very hard to maximise dropping things off, and the radioactive bits can really get in the way!
Slight problem on B2, I can get myself stuck between two switches ... That will be hard to fix for all cases ...


Wow that final one takes lots of steps to achieve, did it in the end by trapping blues :)


Wow, brilliant game!


Did it with with 53 seconds remaining :) Good fun!
I'm always a fan of puzzle levels that provide multiple routes to complete different objects. IE; more than one way to complete it but some might become more difficult than others. Although I know this is rather hard to fit into a small level! Otherwise yours have good level of difficulty, they require some thought process, which is always good :)