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Lilpowerdude presents ...


Global Men

My final update before the contest ends!

Has two separate parts to the game so far:
Action Game Part:
- Turning carbon dioxide molecules into two oxygen molecules and a carbon molecule by special equipment
- Becoming familiar with the controls
Strategy Platform Part:
- Collecting trash in a limited time frame
- Figuring out the invisible maze in the map using the visuals as clues

Controls (In case no one cares to read the tutorial)
Left Movement ? Left Key, A
Right Movement ? Right Key, D
Jump ? Up Key, W, Spacebar
Use Handheld Protonic Equipment ? J
Use Ranged Protonic Equipment ? k

- Prologue images and the end game image and the trash image are all open source images and/or a photo-shopped image created by me and/or a picture taken by me.
- All other in-game images including monsters and characters and environment cartoons and rgb maps are all created by me using Inkscape.
- All music are open source midi files.

Game Script:
Tutorial 1, 2
Factory Levels ? 1, 2, 3, Boss
Cleaning Factory Levels 1, 2, 3
Cleaning City Levels 1, 2

The game took a narrow turn in objective when it had to help the environment directly and not just destroy the ?baddies?. I hope the change is not too drastic in terms of intensity of gameplay

I will try to continue coding this game after the Codepoint Competition ends. This game is still far from done. :P

Good luck to everyone else who participated in the contest!

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Tags: game timing with-source fighter action codepoint-09-school-16+

open in greenfoot

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So an event script is a text file that the actors read that affects what they do?


Yup, well that's what mine does. It also runs my entire world and every level I have. That's how it's really easy for me to make the save/load game files, the animated menu. Also, it keeps my code clean and efficient because there's less actual code there (you'll see once i post my source code).


kensinkakh said "BTW, Lilpowerdude, you're not using eventscripts xD" How do you know, since there is no source code?


The game would be more efficient, and also, he goes to the same school as me, and I think he sits next to me in robotics class.... XD.


Kenshinakh is my computer science mentor :P I learned a lot from him I have to admit, his java programming level is way beyond that of anyone else I've ever seen
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Hey guys, just wanna make sure that cloud part of the cleaning trash game is beatabl please let me know if it is still unbeatable xD some other bugs are fixed

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