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The game is still running behind the game-over screen! :D You can peek by sliding the screen with arrow keys, you can still firing bullets too. : )
Ha ha, you're clever! What we need is a start count down, so the opponent don't start immediately when we click Run button.
Wow! this is really amazing!
Aaah... yes, I did change the title a little bit :P. About the instantaneous fall, its a known bug, strike from the last piece you put is usually better than strike from the reverse end. I dont know yet where is the problem, could be some math calculations is slower than the other? or could be the way Greenfoot draw objects on the World (the draw order of object over or under the other object)?
Cool! This is nice! Long time ago I played the windows versions, still remember some of the special cells group shapes such as glider (L plus a cell on its foot tip) that "glide" to one direction, the I (three cells in a row) that flip-flop vertical-horizontal, etc.
Hey, I try to update my old version 0 of Domino Fall Chain Reactions, but why I only got Export button (without "(update)")? As result, this version 1 is published as a new scenario. So, I'll delete my old version 0 from Greenfoot Gallery.
Thanks cekkeya, nice to see people still care about our traditional games. :) Yes, the names is different in different places (in Indonesia "congkak" means arrogant :) )