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Hi, Herman, I catch a bug, it allows you to move vertically out of the cross-shape board.
Adding some new objects: magic Resetter button (now we can have perpetual motions :D), LightBulb (for new toppling tricks, not complete yet). Testing GUI & Formation Editor (not complete yet & some functions not works yet, I'm still learning java swing :P).
I see..., so the black dots is actually appears when the eyes moving across the grids.
Ha ha... :D Why don't you animating the grids? Make a wave movement, perhaps? I wonder whether we still see the black dots when the grids are moving?
Nice illusion ! But what does the Run button do? : )
I forgot the counter-clockwise circular movement, method setCDir(boolean cWise) added.
I see..., thanks.
Nice ! @Override is new for me, what does it do?
Wow...! The TIE Fighters are too fast to chase for me, I hope this will be the highest difficulty level : ) I found myself just wildly "sprinkling" the laser bullets around trying to hit the TIE Fighters, and I don't even sure whether they are hit or flee off-screen :P