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Yes, the red always win.
Something is wrong with my greenfoot, the export button don't have "(update)", I re-export and delete the old scenario.
Cute little people! No, it's not lagging even when the path is full of little people.
Hi, minime, you could see my Tossing scenario source code (, much easier to get the mouse tossing control code there.
Lol :D there is no game ending yet, so you have unlimited number of mail to toss (umm... maybe not, at least until int score or mail counter overflow). I'm still working on the next levels.
Hi, Abydoz, this might be what I need for my Domino scenario. Would be great if you submit the source code, thanks in advance. : )
A blower boy blowing your mail in level 2 :D
Amazing! Do they really eat back the first spiral web?