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Very nice updates ! I love the auto lock-on crosshair :D
Cool ... ! Can't wait for the finished game. Some inputs: When banking left/right, the X-wing nose would be better if pointing outward like when climb-up/dive-down (the relative movement to the asteroids seem a little bit odd when banking left/right, it's like the X-wing is drifting "up" instead of move forward to the nose heading).
Wow! This scenario is really big! It took a long time to load. Very nice pictures and music!
The world is rather too big in my screen. Would be better if there isa some guides of how to play ;)
Mmm, what about multiple jumps? After selecting red checker and click on a blue checker, only one jump then the AI take over.
ONE button? :O (sorry, I know nothing about mac) But I think Ninto use the "proper" mac :D , so I'll stick with my plan :)
Oh, there is no middle button on mac? OK, I'll try to change it to double left click.
50% (including some lucky guess :P) How about Greenfoot API quiz?
Thanks, good idea, I'll try that.