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Cool...! I like the rubber band control, almost feel like playing yoyo.
No scoring yet, still working on more animations.
Hi, this is really addicting! I catch a bug, if you pause for a while then run again, some turtles just run straight off the road and stuck at the world boundaries, then the current level is never ending. Did anyone ever win the game? I only max at level 29, what is the good strategy to win?
Still a lot of drawing & animation to do!
So this already a small game of "How fast can you throw the golden ball", and you beat me (I only max at speed 218 :P) About the golden ball, you're right, now it's always get back to the ground after the last bug fixes. About the red ball, the first vertical line is still needed as count down starter (try dragging the red ball between the two lines). If you release the red ball before the first line, then it considered as cancelling the toss, so the red ball just drop down by gravitation : ) I know the red ball tossing is not good :P, don't bother about it, I just keep it as history, I'm building a new game scenario base on the golden ball codes.
Fix the red ball tossing & some bugs. About the golden ball, I think it need a speed limiter, because if we toss it really hard upward, it can take a long time before get back to the ground, some time it doesn't get back, ... I believe it splat on my room ceiling! :D
Thanks, I'm preparing a new game scenario using this tossing control, and keep this scenario as a demo / reuseable.
Thanks, I'll fix the red ball tossing.
Try this new tossing type (the golden ball) & compare with the previous one (the red ball). Which one is better?