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Nice.... I still think the dwarves look too cartoony, but I'll have to blame Josh for that. Now all you have to do is add all nine units for each faction, fix the fog of war, make a smarter AI, and design the campaign. Perhaps you could also add a rally point system for the building. Still, this update is impressive. (For those of you who want a challenge, try Outlaws vs. King's Men -- and don't change the map!)
Oh, great. I think I found the way by filling in each quadrant, but it's too late at night for me to remember what I did. I started in the bottom right corner (an image link is in my profile)
My new best is 98 boxes, I also found the pitiful 6-move loss (when you know it's possible, it's alot easier.) I tried to find a good pattern to fill 'em all in, but your square is the wrong size. If it was 10x12 I could do it, hehe. I can't seem to find what's changed in the update. As far as I'm concerned it's fully functional already. The only improvement could be aesthetics.
Number 13 is evil... but this is a great scenario. I still can't tell whether the angle is calculated from the image of the marble it hits including or excluding the shadow. How many boards did you create?
Great idea, you can even play chords. Unfortunately, the fireworks slow the speed down significantly (read: painfully) and make it hard to play anything. Perhaps you could make it run faster since you're using many copies of the same image? Another thing that bugs me is that your fingers have to reach down for the black keys instead of up as on a piano keyboard. If you switched rows it would be easier to play (for me at least) Also I would love to have some pre-programmed tunes in here. If you have time, of course.
Impressive scenario, especially because it runs at a nice speed. I like how the movement controls run. What would make it more impressive would be if the AI was a bit more intelligent. Also I noticed that the trees block bullets but not tanks... perhaps you could add rocks or something that let bullets pass through but not tanks to make it more interesting? And maybe a maximum firing speed (for those of us who click like maniacs.) Just suggestions, because this game has a lot of potential.
Impressive game... although not very complex it provides a fair amount of entertainment as the difficulty increases. (My first score was 123)
This game fits the category of "easy to play, hard to master"-- I like it quite a bit. (I scored 90 my first try, and I haven't played again for fear of doing worse)