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mik presents ...



How to play:
Press 'Run' and then click-and-drag the golden ball. Clear the
board within the given number of moves. Bonus points are awarded
for keeping the golden ball on the board when it is cleared, and
for finishing in fewer moves than indicated. You earn an additional try
for every three boards cleared.

New in this version: More (and more interesting) levels.

Ideas for the future:
Levels (so that you only go to the beginning of the current level
when you lose, not the very start of the game).
"Black marbles": these must not fall of the board (but will be somewhat
in the way).
Smoking marbles (these must be cleared off the board within a given
time, or they'll explode...)

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Tags: mouse game simulation physics boardgame

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@Green_Code, actually, no. All the energy would be transferred to the forward marble and the one doing the hitting would presumably stop. In real life, the only difference would be due to the roll of the first marble. Compare them to, lets say, billiard balls. The one doing the hitting would roll slightly forward. The only ways the hitting marble would reverse is if it had back-spin on it during contact OR if the second marble had more mass than the first (provided no other objects are influencing the system).


Why isn't it even finished?


@Mik, I downloaded your game, and sends one Error. Class Board, method getGoldMarble(), Line: List<Actor> marbles = getObjects (GoldMarble.class); //incompatible types Solution, chance Actor to GoldMarble. I obviously don't think you made a mistake, I suppose the problem are Greenfoot or Java updates.


Some times the gold ball goes off the screen bottom and I dont lose and I cant click it :(


level 5 you cant even see the ball
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2017-05-31 12:32:49 UTC Adapted to new API


@valdes - you are right. This was caused by a change in the Greenfoot API in a newer Greenfoot version. I have fixed the source code now - running the downloaded version should work again now.


But This is from the Joy of Code! (in youtube!!!)
how do i download your game dude


@theonlybenjamin, You can Download all book scenarios from and from that go inside the folder and follow; book-scenarios>chapter13>marbles. You will have other scenarios, too. if you want you can copy the marbles folder to another folder and delete the other scenarios(I think I will keep them to explore more about them).

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