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This is really shaping up, just a few things would be nice to change: Your image backgrounds are all black. In the first level it hardly matters, because the entire background is also, but later levels would look better if the images were PNGs with transparent bits. The other issue is that I can't get past level 3. I was holding down up when I died, so when I respawned I immediately lost my other 3 lives. I would make the levels easier somehow before adding any more past 3. ; )
Congrats on weekly winner. Still plenty of units yet to come out, and the campaign mode. You still have some issues with overlapping trees and villages. The fog of war does run nicely now, but my men have such poor sight range >.> Also I'm hoping for an AI that does more than recruit the low-level melee unit and patrol and take villages. And of course, balancing this will be a pain. Maybe you could come up with a balanced non-random scenario (or more) and use a selector on the menu for random or created map to test win times and faction vs faction strengths.
Not bad at all... reminds me alot of those classic games of this type. Im afraid my guy never recharged the special attack, or else I couldn't find how to use it again. This looks like it took a lot of work, and I must say I am impressed, but as a game you will need far more gameplay time hehe. For those of you with Firefox, press F11 and it drops out the top bar, allowing you to see the whole window (at least on 1280x1024 screen resolution.)
Yeah, this runs much more smoothly. How amazing would it be if you had notes to a song scroll across the screen (at the same speed, or so that they hit a certain place at the right time) for you to play a song? *cough* Guitar Hero *cough* Of course, if that sort of thing doesn't appeal to you, I was thinking you could have like a color scale for each octave from red C through purple B so that your fireworks match the music by color as well as timing. Once again, these are just suggestions.
Hmm... perhaps you could give us a game speed slider or turn the default speed down a bit... or a lot.
Nice updates, but the scenario pauses when I'm standing somewhere right between two enemies and I fire.
Better and better... just one question? Where is hard mode?
Not bad... but I can see a few bugs that you can work on: 1) The shadow doesnt change... you need something better than the background image for a shadow xD 2) There are some issues with transparency when looking on from the side... I have seen this issue elsewhere (in poorly made games) Not that any of this is bad, but it can be made better. ; )
Not bad... just a couple things: I want to strafe, and I want to see bullets whizzing past if they miss you!