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CrazyBoxes is an addicting puzzle game where you have to fill in all 100 boxes of a 10x10 grid. You can move in a circle pattern around the box you click, but you can't click the same box twice. The farther you get, the harder it is to find an open square.

Last update was including the source for the competition end. Two hours late though:(

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Tags: puzzle codepoint-08-school-16+ addicting boxes score

open in greenfoot

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I got 94 twice now... Can't seem to get more, dammit!


It's tricky ;) My greatest accomplishment with it is being able to lose in 6 moves, the earliest I ahd seen before that was 18 and decided to go for the lowest possible... I got 15 then 12 then 9 and now 6. It seems to go in 3's.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Nov 17 15:49:46 UTC 2008


My new best is 98 boxes, I also found the pitiful 6-move loss (when you know it's possible, it's alot easier.) I tried to find a good pattern to fill 'em all in, but your square is the wrong size. If it was 10x12 I could do it, hehe. I can't seem to find what's changed in the update. As far as I'm concerned it's fully functional already. The only improvement could be aesthetics.


Oh, great. I think I found the way by filling in each quadrant, but it's too late at night for me to remember what I did. I started in the bottom right corner (an image link is in my profile)


I changed the text to be bold for the score keeper, I added the help, and the alert boxes telling you when you lose.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Dec 08 02:23:48 UTC 2008
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Dec 08 02:24:35 UTC 2008


My best was -2. I got an idea to get far: Start in a corner and move like a circle, trying to keep out of the middle. By the way: Great game


i need to make a puzzle game with greenfoot can you help me plz?

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