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Look at all those redshirts running around. I can't help but feel that some horrible monster from Star Trek will come in and gobble them up. ^^
Muah ha haaaa I beat your trap spotter AI... You'll have to do better than that to defeat the human mind! (Of course, my turns took longer.. ^^)
If the ball hits the wall straight on it goes through. If the ball is going slowly when it hits a wall it can stop inside the wall and launch at a funny angle. If you click when the ball is moving, it stops (this may be intentional)
...even with all your bugs. Congrats, man!
It needs to have more than one start point or I won't be impressed :p And make it flow a little bit instead of going in straight lines. This isn't an ideal world.
Suggestions: Pistols shouldn't drop when you die: they clutter up the map a lot. Add a weapon "Sniper Rifle" with low fire rate but a laser line. (This can't be too hard, can it?) Add the option to have movement controls be relative to the direction faced instead of relative to the screen.
Not a bad scenario, but the difficulty should progressively increase. The cars stop coming at 20,000 points. And um... where is hard mode?
The tree-village bug is still there. Your tier 3 dwarves only cost 25 gold. I like the stats bar, but could you add movement speed and (possibly) attack speed to the list? You can select the units in the background of the menu (which could be intentional) and order player 1's units around (which probably wasn't.) The last issue is that when the flag respawns when you capture it the first time, I could not get it to capture again.
Hmm well, apparently I can win, but it's still insanely hard. (I recommend not shooting the enemies, it's better to know where they are than to have them respawn randomly)