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Just took a look at your PIP scenario's source. Seems so! Very similar, actually. List of similarities: - We both use a world to display the state of another world. - We both have to draw that world with our own code, since the WorldHandler class is part of the "core" package and therefore has no source code available, so we don't know what method we could use to get the complete image of the world, including the actors. - In the process of drawing the world, we both thought to use the world's paint order. We both had to work around the fact that the World's access method to its paint order is package-protected. Your workaround was to include the paint order as a parameter to the PIP's constructor, whereas mine was to override setPaintOrder in the inner world class so that it updates the stored paint order in the outer world. - We both had to make it so that the outer world's act method made the inner world and all its actors act as well. It's actually kind of kooky how similar our projects are.
hahaha what this is real as kraft mayo