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Probably because its being run with the internet. I downloaded your game and ran it. I didn't seem to have any problems. Either way, I like your game and think it has a lot of potential. You should keep working on it...
Another thing i just found, after one loses, the barrels still fall, which is fine, but the lighthouse(s) still fire rockets, which isn't really that good. it is however an easy fix...
You could edit the rocket image and make it smaller.
The player should get a bit more money in the hard level. But really cool game!
Really cool game!
This is fun, but somewhat buggy.
The game should stop after one dies. Pretty cool though!
The game is too fast. The barrels should explode when hit by a bomb, and the skeletons should be slower.


This game is cool, but the bullets should be slower, the ships should be added at the edges, not in the middle, and the bullets should be able to destroy each other.