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You could have the barrels fall at different speeds. It would make the game a bit more interesting...
The tank overheats too quickly for the amount of zombies attacking it.
OK. Thanks!
This is great! I love your game! The rockets look really sleek now, and the barrels stop falling after the game ends. There is only one other thing i could find... is the lighthouse on the right side supposed to fire? Because if the lighthouse on the left is destroyed, the game is basically lost. Other than that, great game.
I think there should be a another button nest to back to menu which brings the user back to the menu where you can pick addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division instead of bringing the user back to the first menu and having the user press whatever button they had pressed and then having to press addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. I hope this is constructive!
I'm having trouble unlocking a code from the tic tac toe scenario. What do I do?
Great game! Really fun!


how can one kill aliens?