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Cool game! The Dragon looks really funny, as do the Hobbits. Can I make a suggestion? The fire balls should move! You could also add a score, and levels. But great game! I said I wouldn't be disappointed!
There are some problems: the tanks can get stuck when they switch sides of the world. Also the enemy tanks have unlimited ammo and better aim. But cool game, and i will come back to play some more!
The game should continue after you hit a fish, there should be less fish, and you should find a way to die.
true. that's why your going to do it. :P
Well you could do the opposite of finding the fight... so if you say, for instance, if ( getObjectInRange() ) goToward( object ); you could have: if ( getObjectInRange() ) turn( 5 ); or something like that... telling the ants to escort them would certainly be interesting.
Is the game supposed to stop after a devil is hit?
I think the butterfly and the special bug should try to avoid fights, as you said. That would be better.
Really cool though!!
You could make different cars!