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getreides presents ...


Shooter with tracers

UP / DOWN = climb/dive
SPACE = shoot

This shooter I currently work on has a performance problem - at least on my laptop. If you keep SPACE pressed, you'll probably notice that the performance diminishes greatly due to the coloured tracers.

I've discussed this problem already with Danpost (thanks to you again :-)) on

As the problem remains, he suggested posting it with the source code.

Feel free to try it out and/or improve it further. I'd be interested in your feedback, especially if you encounter the same performance problem.

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Tags: game demo with-source

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A short update: Running this scenario on this site does not diminish the performance on my laptop - any ideas why?


Probably because its being run with the internet. I downloaded your game and ran it. I didn't seem to have any problems. Either way, I like your game and think it has a lot of potential. You should keep working on it...


Thanks for your feedback! Concerning the performance problem: I share your suspicion and it might also be related to my laptop that works only with Intel HD Graphics (though I've never suspected that a simple program could bring down my laptop so quickly...) And thanks for your compliment! I will definitely keep improving it, starting with using vector movements for the projectiles and adding more weapons.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Aug 17 20:18:50 UTC 2014 - Player and projectiles defined by vector movements - projectile movements defined by three vectors: muzzle velocity (intial velocity after firing) / gravitational pull / air resistance - projectile themselves are invisible, only tracers are visible - changed some parameters in TracerMGun-class for aesthetic reasons; will probably change again

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